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EVY’s innovative formulation has a wide range of applications. It acts as a carrier for active ingredients and protects them for maximum effect. Our aim is to create multifunctional products for the whole family – as sustainably as possible. Take a look through our range and find the right products for you.


Our sunscreens are all based on a formula that’s designed for sensitive skin, but is beneficial for all skin types. Ultra long-lasting, extra water-resistant and free from preservatives and perfumes. They also protect against premature ageing and dehydration and are enriched with antioxidants

Sunscreens for
Children & Babies

Our sunscreens are all based on a formula that’s designed for sensitive skin, but is beneficial for all skin types. Ultra long-lasting, extra water-resistant and free from preservatives and perfumes.

EVY SPF 30 - Kids

EVY SPF 50 - Kids

After Sun

Soothes, calms, hydrates and nourishes skin that’s been burned and/or irritated due to sun exposure. It gives intense hydration for up to 12 hours and helps the skin to retain its colour and glow. Also suitable for after shaving and after swimming in chlorinated water or in the sea. Enriched with antioxidants and aloe vera.

UV Hair Protection

This all-in-one hair product works as both UV/heat protection and as a volumising styling product. Thanks to UV filters, it protects your hair’s moisture and colour during sun exposure. The light formula works as a leave-in conditioner, without weighting your hair down. Enriched with natural oils and vitamins.

Daily Range

Provides long lasting and effective protection against dehydration and skin irritants. Our Daily Range brings intensive nourishment and hydration to your everyday skincare routine, for every season. EVY is developed for the most sensitive skins but is suitable for all skin types, for face and body.

Daily UV Face Mousse
SPF30 - 75ml

Daily Defence Face Mousse
SPF50 - 75ml

Daily Tan Activator

Daily Repair Mousse

EVY Daily Cleanser

The gentle formula comes in the form of a creamy mousse and is suitable for daily use, mornings and evenings. It effectively clears and removes impurities, sunscreen, oil, make up and bacteria without foaming or drying out your skin. The mousse is both water and oil base, leaves your skin soft and clean without leaving any residue. Friendly pH value of 5.

EVY Cancer Awareness

We are passionate about education about the sun and sunscreen.  Skin cancer has been rising for decades and we unfortunately see no decline in that trend.  More than 80% of skin cancer is caused by uncareful exposure to UV radiation.  Therefore we give 1,5 € to skin cancer research for each pink bottle sold. 


Rigorous Testing

When you take on tough challenges in extreme conditions, you need to know you can count on the products you use. A wide range of top level athletes with exacting demands choose EVY time and time again for sun protection. The EF Boat crew in the ‘Whitbread Around the World’ challenge, who spend nine months at sea, the Swedish Mulitsport team who compete all around the globe, and the Swedish Atlantic Rowing Race team are just some of the many elite athletes who rely on EVY. The Swedish golf team have also chosen EVY as their official sunscreen. So whether you dive, play beach volleyball, run marathons or climb the Himalayas, you can feel confident, knowing your sunscreen can handle the challenge.

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Why EVY is endorsed by dermatologist


Evy's base formula is a patented invention that allows the mousse to spread through the top layer of the skin rather than staying on the surface, so the protection is not reduced when you swim, sweat, or dry yourself with a towel. The protection lasts for hours if applied correctly.


The mousse absorbs and saturates the skin quickly, making it easier to obtain the recommended amount needed to reach the SPF on the bottle. EVY doesn't clog pores and it allows the skin to breathe, leaving no residue and is great under make up. Can also be used around the eyes and on lips.


The SPF on the bottle indicates the UVB protection, but sunscreen only needs to provide 33% of this value against UVA rays, which go deeper into the skin. According to Boots Star Rating test, all EVY products get highest or 5 star UVA protection, making them particularly suitable for children and people with sun-sensitive skin.


EVY's formula strengthens the skin's protective barrier, which is why it’s recommended for people with sun allergies and sensitivity to sunscreens. For people who suffer from vitiligo - a skin condition where areas of the skin lack protective melanin - an effective sunscreen is essential. The formula cares for your skin health. Free from preservatives, drying alcohol, talc and perfumes. Allergy tested.


EVY Sunscreen can be used from 6 months of age and upwards, and by anyone with high demands from their sunscreen. Among others, it has been used on the EF boats in the Volvo Ocean Race, by the contestants of the TV show 'Survivor', and by a large number of elite athletes.


The aerosol bottle works lika a concentrate, making the mousse very economical as it expands in contact with air. The sealed bottle keeps the product fresh and bacteria-free until it's empty, minimising any rancid remains. Does not rinse off in water and is respectful towards nature. The metal bottle is recyclable.


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