Skin microbiome and its importance

The skin microbiome is a complex community of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes, living on the skin´s surface. The microbiome serves as a protective barrier against harmful microorganisms, maintaining balance and preventing infections.

Factors such as environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, and skincare practices can affect the skin microbiome´s balance. Imbalances in the microbiome can be linked to various skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Understanding and managing the microbiome could be crucial in treating these conditions.

Exposure to cold outdoor temperatures and transitions to warm indoor environments can stress the skin. During winter, the air also has lower humidity, which can dehydrate the skin, affect its barrier function, and impact microorganism growth. Sunlight also has known effects on the skin microbiome, and changes in sunlight-reduced exposure during winter can also affect the skin´s microbial communities. All these fluctuations can stress the skin microbiome and the skin’s overall health.

Why is the microbiome essential for the skin´s balance:

Various organisms foster skin resilience and interact with the skin’s immune system.

The skin microbiome aids in inflammation and tissue repair, maintains the skin´s pH balance and supports skin health functions, such as retaining moisture. Microbes can also break down various compounds, including specific lipids and proteins, to support skin health.

EVY supports the skin microbiome:

EVYs well-formulated sunscreen can benefit the skin microbiome. Our sunscreen´s role extends beyond UV protection by creating a protective barrier, shielding the skin from environmental stressors like cold temperatures and dry air. They offer barrier protection by shielding the skin from environmental stressors and help with moisture retention to prevent dryness and maintain hydration. Strengthening the skin barrier with sunscreen can reduce irritation and sensitivity, crucial for maintaining a balanced skin microbiome.

Testing and Results: EVY Defance Mousse SPF 50

We proudly announce that our Defence Mousse SPF 50 scored an impressive 9.50/10 in rigorous testing. The study confirmed that the product does not significantly alter the skin microbiome during use, thus characterising it as “skin microbiome friendly.” This high score underscores our commitment to providing products that support and protect your skin’s natural defences.

Love your skin.
EVY Team 🧡


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