Why you shouldn’t use sunbeds to treat acne?

Is tanning helpful for your acne, or is this a myth that might result in further skin damage? Acne truly is making people feel miserable and ready to risk their lives to remove the spots. Sunbeds are popping up in discussions over and over as a solution. When researching for this article we came across many forums, where people ( who aren’t experts) would recommend them as a cure. We beg you, do your research! Take advice from the professionals. Don’t look for short term results but a solution to a problem.

Sunbeds are as strong as the midday sun

Most sunbeds give out more UV rays than the midday tropical sun. So, are sunbeds safe? No, that is the simple answer. If you need more convincing, there is an entire list on it here. UV rays indeed kill P. Acnes, the main bacteria that contribute to acne, but they also injure the skin, causing brown spots, wrinkles, and sagging. By using sunbeds, you are only trading one problem for a long-lasting one and potentially more dangerous to your health too.

No doctor would recommend it

Because tanning beds emit so much UV, they are a massive contributor to the risk of developing cancer. Also, they don’t treat the cause of the problem but temporarily hide the symptoms. Often, your acne doesn’t even improve as much as you think it has.

It’s an illusion

The biggest problem with the belief that sunbeds help to treat acne is the fact that even though you might notice some improvements because the blue light kills off some of the bacteria, part of it is an illusion. Getting a tan can camouflage the acne, so you might think it’s better when it’s not. In addition to that, once the tan fades, the skin is left looking more discoloured than before.

There are other safer options

If you are considering sunbeds because they are emitting some blue light that can kill off acne-causing bacteria, I suggest you try devices like Tria Blue light. Tria Positively Clear Blue Light is a dermatologist-recommended acne-blasting treatment. It penetrates deep within the skin, delivering powerful blue light deep into the pores, to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source to clear acne fast and help prevent future breakouts. Blue Light is recommended for mild to moderate acne and is gentle enough to use every day, revealing a clear, healthy complexion.

See a doctor

If you have tried a few solutions, perhaps even saw a dermatologist and not much has changed, go see a different doctor before you hit the sunbeds. Try other medications. Ask for an additional test; from hormonal to those checking bacteria in your stomach. Try alternative medicine. Try changing your diet, and if you need inspiration, here is an excellent book for you. [Link to The Water secret].

Let us know how you are getting on fighting acne. We’d love to hear from you and see if we could help any more. If you find your skin is over sensitive at the moment due to inflammation caused by acne, you might want to try Daily Repair Mousse, as it helps to protect the skin, strengthen the natural protective barrier, while exfoliating gently and naturally. Doesn’t clog the pores and leaves no residue.

Love your skin.
EVY Team


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